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We Love Kate Spade
We’ve loved the Kate Spade brand for a long time. But, what we’re loving even more is the announcement of a new line, Kate Spade Saturday, targeting a younger demographic and at a lower price point. We’re excited about the news and looking forward to seeing what this means for the in-store environment. Kate Spade New York stores are known for the brand’s signature storytelling style and colorful brand personality, and we’re hoping “Saturday” will bring the same upbeat energy. Stay tuned; you know we’ll be watching.

Show & Tell: The Limited fosters young talent, BK launches food trucks & a beauty magazine comes to life in-store

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Editor’s Note: Once in awhile we come across something noteworthy and we want to share it with our readers. However, due to a variety of reasons (it’s too new to obtain research, it’s in a far-away land that we can’t quite reach, etc.) we don’t quite know what to do about it other than tell you “Hey. This is amazing and you should know about it.” Show & Tell is a collection of those recent things.

1. In a recent post celebrating National Mom & Pop business day, we mentioned our Intelligence Report “When Creativity Trumps Budget: What Big Brands Can Teach Indies.” One of the Big Ideas we feature in our report is “Fostering New Talent.” We were delighted when we spotted The Limited doing just that! They’ve partnered with Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) to offer a unique jewelry collection to customers—created by students. The Limited’s CEO, Linda Heasley explained, “We were very fortunate. It was all done under the spirit of teaching and training and learning. We were thrilled that SCAD chose to do this with us. I’m very proud of the collection.” You can find the jewelry in stores starting in 2012.

Check out this video to find out more about this partnership that provided students with real business experience.

2. Food trucks have gone mainstream, just as we predicted last year in our own exploration of the mobile food market. This time, fast-food chain Burger King is testing out the idea. We heard awhile back that the chain would be delivering burgers to your home (within a specific proximity to local restaurants), but now the burger chain has gone one step further by literally taking operations on the road. We’re excited to hear how consumers respond to the initiative. We think food trucks create interest because of the unique offer and the convenience factor. Not to mention, it’s a great way to introduce new products which is exactly what the burger giant is rumored to be doing—using food trucks to introduce new menu items. They’ve launched new salads and fruit smoothies through a line up of celebrity endorsements including Sophia Vergara, Jay Leno, David Beckham and Salma Hayek. Check out the commercials here.

We’ll just have to wait and see if burger lovers love the new mode of fast food “delivery.” Remember—convenience is king.

Click here to read more about Burger King taking the Whopper (and more) to the streets.

3. Recently opened within Fred Segal in Santa Monica is the first beauty store operated by a magazine. Readers of NewBeauty are now able to find all of the products featured on the pages of this popular publication in one place. Products are accompanied by relevant editorial content allowing them to find the right product solution for their need. Beauty experts offer advice and product demonstrations, and an on-site video editorial staff is there to conduct customer interviews about the products. One customer described it as “putting the pages of the magazine on the shelf.” Check out the video below to hear more rave reviews from the magazine’s readers.

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