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We Love Kate Spade
We’ve loved the Kate Spade brand for a long time. But, what we’re loving even more is the announcement of a new line, Kate Spade Saturday, targeting a younger demographic and at a lower price point. We’re excited about the news and looking forward to seeing what this means for the in-store environment. Kate Spade New York stores are known for the brand’s signature storytelling style and colorful brand personality, and we’re hoping “Saturday” will bring the same upbeat energy. Stay tuned; you know we’ll be watching.

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Food and Fun at the Annual Salsa Competition

We decided to kick off Cinco de Mayo the right way – with some friendly competition. This year’s annual Chute Gerdeman salsa competition saw an array of salsas, dips, guacamoles, and even a few beverages!

Salsas and dips ranged from spicy, to smokey, to sweet, to zesty. Secret ingredients abounded. Rumors flew of midnight treks to Mexican markets, hand-pulverized spices and secret cilantro gardens. Recipes and jokes were swapped freely. Read more…

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RED Gala: Wanderlust

It’s not often that designers get to play with paper machè, toy planes and candy. Luckily, thanks to a sponsorship from Chute Gerdeman, I recently had the opportunity to get crafty and creative in a whole new way.

Leslie Hoerig (interior designer at 360 Architecture and buddy of yours truly) and I teamed up to design a tablescape for the RED Gala event here in Columbus. Organized by AIDS Resource Center Ohio, the event was an opportunity for local creatives to design amazing tablescapes while raising money for AIDS outreach in central Ohio. Read more…

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Educating & Empowering Healthy Choices

Consumers, especially millennials, value brands that stand for more than simply the products they sell. And some brands are recognizing that it’s not just good enough to provide healthy options; they have also taken on the responsibility of educating consumers on healthy options and helping to empower them to make better choices.

Image via Whole Foods

Whole Foods, known for their high standards in natural and organic products, also places a high importance on nutrition and wellness education specifically with children, through their Whole Kids Foundation. In an effort to end the childhood obesity epidemic, the brand supports and funds initiatives that help provide salad bars in schools—raising awareness and increasing kids’ exposure to healthier options.

Read more…

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Fusing Sport & Space

Adding a social element to the retail environment creates an opportunity to develop a deeper, more personal relationship with consumers. One category that we’re seeing make great strides in this approach is the sports apparel and footwear category. We’ve watched brands evolve from just selling products to supporting a lifestyle. Lululemon, a pioneer in the yoga lifestyle category, has paved the way for many to follow.

Image via Reebok

Reebok recently made the move to capitalize on one of the hottest fittest trends of the moment, CrossFit. For those not familiar with CrossFit, it’s a high-intensity workout that incorporates such activities as weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebells, medicine balls and box jumps. You can check out this Reebok CrossFit video to see more of what it’s all about.

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As the title sponsor for the annual CrossFit Games, it makes sense why Reebok would want to bring that energy into a retail space. The Reebok CrossFit store on Fifth Avenue combines the retail and gym experience. The main level, referred to as the “Fit Hub,” offers product for every skill level and expert staff to help you find the product right for you.

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GlobalShop 2013

GlobalShop 2013 kicks off in just under three weeks, and the Chute Gerdeman team is looking forward to taking part in our industry’s premier event for store design, visual merchandising and at-retail marketing. We’ll be on the ground in Chicago from beginning to end, April 16–18, walking the show, meeting with clients, partners and friends, and keeping up on the latest happenings in retail trends and technologies.

CG takes the stage
Two of Chute Gerdeman’s creative directors will be on the podium for an exciting session that’s sure to be a hit. Join us and see how the consumer trend for healthier living is a leading influence on retail across a variety of channels.

“Healthy Lifestyles = Healthy Stores”
Wednesday, April 17 at 1:30pm

Chute Gerdeman Presenters:
Joanna Felder, VP, Intelligence & Brand Strategy
Bess Liscio, VP, Visual Strategy

Explore the cultural and personal dynamics that are making glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle the new must haves. Active apparel is becoming mainstream fashion—with high-style options that go from the gym to high street—and surprising new players are turning healthy fare into on-the-go fuel. We’ll explore how this trend is shaping retail from apparel to footwear to c-store innovation, and the consumer dynamics behind the movement. Join us as we highlight retailers who are shaping the trend right now.

CG at the Design Inspiration Showcase
In addition to Joanna and Bess, several other Chute Gerdeman senior leaders will be on hand in the Design Inspiration Showcase, including Denny Gerdeman, Elle Chute, Brian Shafley and George Nauman. We’ll be on the Expo floor throughout the week, sharing CG’s unique capabilities and industry expertise. While you’re at the show be sure to visit us in booth number 3030-I in the Design Inspiration Showcase.

Stay connected via CG!
We’ll be live-blogging from the show, with some on-the-fly observations and retail reporting from the Windy City! Be sure to check back to the Gerdeblog as well as follow us on Facebook and Twitter before, during and after GlobalShop. We look forward to hearing from you or catching up at the show.

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Upcycling with ZeroLandfill™

Image via Chute Gerdeman

As CG’s resident Materials and Trend Specialist, one of my key duties is keeping our studio’s materials library up-to-date. With a focus on what’s new, there are items that inevitably get pulled off our library shelves. I’ve been hanging onto unwanted items, waiting for an opportunity to recycle them, rather than dumping everything into the trash. As it turns out, there are others outside of our industry who find value in my unused porcelain tile samples or a discontinued wallcovering binder. And IIDA has created a program to bring us together and reduce the waste.

ZeroLandfill™ is a wonderful event, hosted by IIDA in various chapter cities, where designers and architects can donate old library samples, binders and other items that are taking up valuable real estate in a materials library. This reuse program offers discarded materials to local artists, teachers, DIYers or anyone else who might be able to repurpose these products.

Read more…

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