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We Love Kate Spade
We’ve loved the Kate Spade brand for a long time. But, what we’re loving even more is the announcement of a new line, Kate Spade Saturday, targeting a younger demographic and at a lower price point. We’re excited about the news and looking forward to seeing what this means for the in-store environment. Kate Spade New York stores are known for the brand’s signature storytelling style and colorful brand personality, and we’re hoping “Saturday” will bring the same upbeat energy. Stay tuned; you know we’ll be watching.

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What would you project?

Within the last few years, we’ve been hearing a lot about projection mapping in the studio. You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is projection mapping?” Well, here’s a simple explanation: projecting digital content onto a physical object or an irregularly shaped surface. And as you can see from the examples, it’s entirely different than simply projecting onto a flat surface. Read more…

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The Best GlobalShop Tech Wasn’t at GlobalShop

Slot machine Photo by Chute Gerdeman

Since we all promised our management that we’d spend more time on the GlobalShop show floor than the casino floor, it was a surprise to find the most interesting “tech” in a slot machine. I’m sure that some slots pros might not think the “Fu-Dao-Le” machine in the MGM Grand Casino represents the pinnacle of gaming experience, but from a design perspective it’s absolutely fascinating.

What makes this slot machine so unique is its use of a curved touchscreen. While curved screens are beginning to make their appearance in both smartphones and home televisions, this was the first time I’ve seen them “in the wild” from an interface perspective. It’s a subtle aesthetic that frankly is probably lost on the slot machine player, but curved screens are one more tool that designers can use to challenge the shopper’s perception of technology.

Read more…

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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

And neither is a EuroShop booth! Take a sneak peek at our home at the world’s leading retail trade fair for the next week.





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Meet Us In Düsseldorf!

We’re counting down the days until EuroShop 2014 starts. We’ve been working like busy bees to bring to life some of our best ideas for our booth located in Hall 12/D49. With T-3 and counting, won’t you meet us in Düsseldorf?

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Recap: CES 2014

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A few Chuties had the opportunity to attend CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year held from January 7-10. To those of you unfamiliar with this event, CES is an internationally renowned electronics and technology tradeshow. The best of the best in tech are all here, and we were excited to see what everyone has to offer for the next wave of integrating technology into our personal and business lives. Here are my highlights and takeaways:

This year’s CES showcased less innovation in the home theater arena, but FAR more in the emerging Connected Home category. It also crystallized the relationship between “Mobility” as a lifestyle, Smartphones, the Cloud and connectivity + control to EVERY device inside the home!

In an effort to expand it’s WeMo Home Automation product line, Belkin announced a partnership with Jarden Corporation, the owners of Sunbeam, Oster, Crock Pot®, Mr. Coffee and other iconic small appliance brands. Embedding the WeMo kernel inside these small kitchen appliances allows them to connect to Wi-Fi networks and to be controlled through the WeMo app that lives on the user’s Smartphone, giving people an added level of freedom, security, comfort and control. Read more…

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Test Drive the Experience

I love to “test drive” brand new retail stores. To experience them and to figure out what draws me in, inspires me, and has me reaching for my charge card. Or not.

I was fortunate to spend many of my 22 years at Target tracking new stores around the globe, visiting many, and then evaluating and reporting on them. So my recent visit to Verizon’s new Mall of America store was right up my alley.

The biggest, and somewhat unexpected part, though, was the FUN!

First stop: front window, where I eagerly tapped the magic spot to get the athlete running. Next, I was drawn into the store to the treadmill.  I tried all three virtual journeys, and was transported mentally to the ocean, mountains, the gorgeous red rocks. A very knowledgeable and helpful staff member helped me, and then offered to give me a personal tour of the rest of the store. Read more…

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